Latitude and Longitude Converter

Last updated April 17, 2024 by Patrick Coombe

Directions: Enter the address of the place that you wish to obtain latitude and longitude coordinates for, and our tool will return both latitude and longitude in text format.

In general, most address formats should work including specific addresses, cities, states, zip codes and counties. Sometimes a business name might even work if there is 1 location such as “Elite Strategies” but for others such as “McDonalds” it obviously would not return the correct location.

If you enter a city, zip, county, state etc it will generally return the center most coordinate for that location.

For the purposes of JSON-LD I would always use the full address including zip code. Here are some examples.

      • 33487
      • 551 NW 77th Street Boca Raton FL 33487
      • 33487
      • Boca Raton, FL
      • Florida
      • FL
      • Elite Strategies
      • Palm Beach County, FL
      • United States