Person JSON-LD Examples

Last updated April 2, 2024 by Patrick Coombe

There are an infinite number of variations for the JSON-LD “Person” type so we did our best to include some of the more popular properties. Believe it or not the “person” type is the most searched for keyword and the most popular page on this website over the past 16 months.  In the past, including the “person” schema type in JSON-LD format has yielded great success when trying to get a knowledge panel for a person.

Checkout a few of these examples and please always let us know if you spot any mistakes, have any suggestions, or have any code examples you would like to share with us.

Here is another JSON-LD example I found courtesy of Jay Holtslander. You can check out his repo here which has some more awesome examples of JSON-LD types.

Another example taken from you might like:

If you are looking for a JSON-LD code snippet of a person with organization, here is another one from


As with any type of structured data, there are no guaranteed results. If you are dedicated in your efforts and have a good amount of authority Google may produce a Knowledge panel.

Google retrieves answer boxes and featured snippets from a variety of sources including websites with structured (and unstructured) data, Wikipedia, Wikidata, Freebase and a number of other public data sources.

matt cutts

There are other results that may or may not be produced as a result of JSON-LD schema markup for a person such as a person’s height, birthday, place of birth, and much more.


json ld birth place

google serp knowledge graph wife


A more recent example from 2024