May 2019 Update: Google wasn’t validating the “publisher” field so we edited that so it validates.

Article markup can yield a lot of good stuff. Properly used, Google might bless your site with features like “in the news” as well as content carousels.

Before you go any further, make sure you know the difference between an article, a website, a blog, and a blog post.

google validated jsonld

This is a type that we just discovered called “TechArticle” and according to it is meant for “How-to (task) topics, step-by-step, procedural troubleshooting, specifications, etc.” It validates just fine on Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool, and we are really excited to see what type of results it can yield.

google validated jsonld


Without a doubt this is one of the more popular types of JSON-LD markup. Results can yield a number of cool snippets in the search results. The great thing about this type of markup is that Google is always adding new features in the search results, so any future additions they add you are probably retroactively included.

schema markup articles


Google’s developer documentation on article markup. Article type

Google Structured testing tool