3D Model JSON-LD EXAMPLE Snippet

Last updated March 27, 2024 by Patrick Coombe

Here is a fun new-ish schema type with sample JSON-LD script. A site such as Thangs or Thingaverse may greatly benefit from this type of structured data, but this script takes things a step further and shows how eCommerce companies that show 3d models (furniture in this example) could utilize this.  Any type of small business that embeds 3d models into their website, particularly on their product pages would also benefit from this. Early adopters of these scripts normally benefit the most from utilizing new structured data in the SERPs.

From Google:

Sometimes 3D models appear on pages with multiple products and are not clearly connected with any of them. This markup lets site owners link a 3D model to a specific product.

Here you can see a nice product schema with a “subjectOf” @type 3d model embedded within the script.