Job Posting

Last updated October 2, 2019 by Patrick Coombe

Utilizing this schema type using JSON-LD will almost guarantee you a rich job result. Rather than just reposting the same Job Posting JSON-LD every other site has as an example, I decided to find some “in the wild” that actually yielded some nice results.

My query was for “WordPress developer” and it gave me these results:

I navigated to the site, and viewed the source code. Sure enough ld+json in the source. While the code had poor formatting and lacked “base salary” (failed Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool test) Google still decided to use it. Lesson learned here: just because your code doesn’t pass Google’s tool, doesn’t mean you will be left in the dust.

Because I love you all so much, I added “baseSalary” into the snippet below and made sure it passed Google Structured Data Testing Tool. Enjoy! Comments, suggestions, or feedback always appreciated.