Last updated October 24, 2023 by Patrick Coombe

A new type of JSON-LD came up on our radar. Thus far we haven’t seen Google use this too much in the search engines, but I am guessing they will very soon.

Google actually has some fairly strict and easy requirements if you want to use this type of markup:

  • only use it for educational content that fits the criteria for a course i.e. lectures, lessons, or modules in a particular subject
  • the course must have ”¬†an explicit educational outcome of knowledge and/or skill in a particular subject and/or topic, and be led by one or more instructors with a roster of students.”
  • e.g. a general event such as “how to make eggs” is not a course

Each course has to have valid title, name etc.

They basically don’t want your sorry excuse for a blog post competing with a Harvard Business class.