JSON-LD Code Snippet Examples

Last updated March 25, 2024 by Patrick Coombe

This website is a tool intended for SEO’s and webmasters seeking pre-made and validated JSON-LD markup for their websites. JSON-LD has come a long way in the past 4-5 years since this site was created. It is now without question, the standard most SEO’s and webmasters use for structured data.

We’ve found some of the most popular examples of JSON-LD on the web from multiple sources, and wrote some of it ourselves and have made it available on this site.

While quite possibly there maybe limitless possibilities of JSON-LD examples, we are going to stick to the most popular examples, particularly the ones that yield the most SEO benefits.

We recommend following Google’s guidelines for structured data, which are pretty reasonable requests.

If you have any cool JSON-LD code snippets you think we are missing, please let us know. We are always looking for contributors and new ideas, so please contact us if you have any ideas.

March 2024 Update – I’ve added a lot of new types, updated a lot of old stale types / examples. For now I am keeping old code snippets at the bottom of each page for archival purposes.